Joaquin Phoenix fears his portrayal of Johnny Cash in biopic Walk the Line will be panned - because he feels "inadequate" as the country legend.

The SIGNS actor has even been called upon to perform as Cash for the film, and he admits he's terrified of upsetting the late star's family with his latest role.

He says, "My singing is shameful. For Walk the Line, I think we put in probably three-and-a-half months prepping for that film and I've never felt so inadequate in my life.

"It's been quite a journey. I have a great deal of respect for singers and it's incredibly vulnerable to go out there in front of a lot of people and sing.

"I also have great respect for people that lip-sync while they're singing 'cause it's very difficult to do. We're doing both - live singing and playing, and some to playback.

"I'm a terrible judge of myself in how it's going. We're doing ten concerts and it's terrifying."

Phoenix admits he's so nervous when he performs as Cash he actually has out-of-body experiences.

He explains, "I lose myself. At some point I just kind of come to, and the day's over, and they say, 'You're off,' and I go, 'Oh, OK.' I really have no concept of what happens from doing the set to going home."

26/07/2004 09:40