Hollywood heart-throb Joaquin Phoenix refuses to watch his own movies, because he hates the way he looks on screen.

The Gladiator actor, who found fame following his brother RIVER's death from a drugs overdose, involves his family in every role he takes on - but he can't bring himself to view the finished product.

His mother ARLYN BOTTOM tells the New York Daily News, "(Joaquin) never watches his own movies. He never has. He's too critical of himself. He'll say, 'I don't like how my tooth looks,' or, 'I don't like my lip.' There's always something."

Bottom struggled to support Joaquin during his latest performance in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line: "It was very difficult for him to make this movie, but it was a cleansing and profound experience for him.

"It was hard for the whole family to go through this role with Joaquin."