Joaquin Phoenix refuses to allow the Oscars to dictate what movie roles he chooses to take.

The actor, who is tipped for an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of singer Johnny Cash in biopic Walk the Line, says an Oscar is "obviously a great honour" but remains sceptical after witnessing the disappointment of a friend who "did a f**king spectacular job" but missed out on a nomination.

Phoenix says, "For most actors, it's the highest recognition of one's work, but to me it's a danger. I don't want it to matter that much. I don't want it to start dictating my actions.

"After my nomination for Gladiator, I was offered several roles that were sold as 'guaranteed Oscar parts'. I turned them down. All of them But you know what? With each one the guy got nominated. Every single time! But I won't take them, that's not what it's about for me."