Joaquin Phoenix says Kanye West's 'Yeezus' gig was ''f**king brilliant''.

The 39-year-old actor had a great time watching the show - which hit headlines earlier in the year when Kanye was joined on stage by a man dressed to resemble Jesus - in Los Angeles and it reminded him of the ''fun'' he had during his adolescence.

He told MTV News: ''I went and I saw his tour recently, I saw 'Yeezus' at Staples Center, and it was the most fun I've had since I was like 14.

''It was such an amazing show. That's really the only thing I can say about Kanye, is that I saw his show and I thought it was f**king brilliant.''

Joaquin tried to do some singing himself when working on his upcoming film 'HER', after being persuaded to do a duet with his co-star Amy Adams.

He joked they did the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' claiming he had the part of self-proclaimed transvestite Frank N. Furter, while Amy was more keen to belt out the tunes.

She added: ''I mean, there wasn't a whole production number. I mean, I sing a lot, I just do. I try not to.''