Joaquin Phoenix feels ''uneasy'' with compliments.

The 43-year-old actor is often hailed as one of the most talented performers in Hollywood, but Joaquin has admitted that praise isn't something that sits comfortably with him.

The 'Her' star said: ''It makes me feel a little bit uneasy.

''I just want to keep making movies ... if people think that I should and they want to support that then I'm really appreciative.''

Joaquin plays a traumatised veteran who tracks down missing girls for a living in his latest movie, 'You Were Never Really Here'.

And the actor - who has developed a reputation for taking on quirky roles - has revealed what drew him to the part.

Speaking to Showbiz411, he explained: ''I don't really know what it was. It may be there was just something about Lynne [Scottish Director Lynne Ramsey who wrote and directed the film] when she talked about it that had meaning to me.

''I felt like there was something really mysterious about the character and the journey that I couldn't figure out. It wasn't like it was there on the page. But there were hints of things which I wanted to dig in with Lynne and explore the possibilities. I don't really know exactly why, but that's close.''

Meanwhile, Joaquin previously admitted to feeling insecure about his acting talents, despite the praise he's received over the years.

He confessed: ''I've never had a moment where I've thought, 'Great, I got this!'

''Every time you make a movie, if you're working with a great film-maker, you're going to be immediately confronted with your flaws.''