Joaquin Phoenix has hinted he'd be keen to star in a comic book movie.

The 43-year-old actor has previously been linked to the roles of Doctor Strange and the Joker in the 'Batman' franchise, and Joaquin has admitted to being intrigued about working in the genre, which he's likened to Western films.

Asked whether he's interested in starring in a superhero movie, Joaquin replied: ''I guess it depends. It depends on the character, and the filmmaker, and what they're after.

''I wouldn't refuse anything just based on the genre. I think about superhero movies the way that I imagine Westerns were. There were just these comics that were like Westerns, and then they started making movies.

''At some point, someone came along and was like, 'Wait a minute, we can actually really explore something here, about humanity and the character.' I think that there's that potential with any movie.''

The Hollywood star admitted to having previously held discussions about appearing in superhero movies.

But Joaquin explained that, for different reasons, it's never quite worked out.

He told Collider: ''I have had meetings, and I've gotten close to a couple of things, because I've thought, 'There's something in that character that might be interesting,' but ultimately it didn't work out.''

Despite this, Joaquin insisted that the big budgets afforded to superhero movies isn't something that attracts him to the genre.

He said: ''I mean who cares about popular? Sometimes having a limited budget might be really good.

''Something about having to work really hard, and adapt to your budget, that maybe creates something interesting, right?''