Joaquin Phoenix attended a pig vigil after the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards on Sunday night (19.01.20).

The 'Joker' actor scooped the coveted Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role prize for the movie at the prestigious ceremony, but instead of heading to one of the afterparties, the 45-year-old actor visited a local slaughterhouse to comfort some of the farm animals who were about to be killed.

The 'I'm Still Here' star - who is a longtime vegan and animal rights activist - is reported as having told vlogger Jane Velez-Mitchell at the Los Angeles Animal Save vigil: ''Most people don't really know of the torture and murder in the meat and dairy industry.

''I've seen it for what it is, so I have to be here.

''We have moral obligations to talk about it and expose it for what it really is.

''We are so indoctrinated with these happy images of animals on farms, on the covers of meat containers, at restaurants, and it's a lie.

''I think people need to know the truth and we have an obligation to do that.''

Joaquin is a ''regular'' at the LA vigils and the movement are ''so grateful for his voice''.

Amy Jean Davis, the founder of Animal Save - who hold vigils at every slaughterhouse to ''bear witness to every exploited animal'' - said: ''Joaquin's regular attendance at our vigils in L.A. has inspired activists both locally and globally.

''We are so grateful for his voice.

''All over the world, activists are bearing witness to animals bound for slaughter and waking up the world to their plight.''

Meanwhile, Joaquin - who helped organise the vegan menu at the Golden Globes this month - admitted during his acceptance speech for the SAG award that he felt Adam Driver should have scooped his accolade instead.

The 'Mary Magdalene' actor used his time on the podium to praise his fellow nominees, Christian Bale ('Ford v Ferrari'), Leonardo DiCaprio ('Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'), Adam Driver ('Marriage Story'), and Taron Egerton ('Rocketman').

Speaking on stage at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium, Joaquin admitted he felt ''honoured'' to be a part of the acting community and then said: ''I'd like to talk a little bit about my fellow nominees.

''Going to auditions, I'd get the final callback and there would always be two other guys I was against and we'd always lose to this one kid. No actor would ever say his name cos it was too much but every casting director would whisper 'It's Leonardo'.

''Leo, you've been an inspiration to me and so many other people for 25 years, thank you very, very much.

''Christian, you commit to your roles in ways I could only dream of. You never turn in a bad performance, it's infuriating, I wish you'd suck just one time, it would be great.

''Adam, I've been watching you the last few years and you've been turning in these beautiful, nuanced, incredible profound performances. I'm so moved by you and you were devastaing in this film, you should be here.

''Taron, I'm so happy for you, you're so beautiful in this movie and I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to see what else you do.''

Joaquin ended his speech with praise for the late Heath Ledger, who portrayed The Joker in 'The Dark Knight'.

He said: ''I'm standing here on the shoulders of my favourite actor, Heath Ledger, so thank you and goodnight.''