Men hoping to secure a date with British actress Joanne Whalley have to ensure at least one part of their attire is perfect - their shoes.

Whalley, ex-wife of her Willow co-star Val Kilmer, believes good footwear indicates a lot about a man.

She says, "The shoe rule is crucial. I like a nice, solid, manly show. No lightweights.

"And the idea of thin socks with heavy shoes - that's vile, wrong. You just couldn't be seen with him like that. Otherwise, I'd just say I love him for the standard thing - if they can't make you laugh, you'd be miserable."

Despite her well-heeled strategy, 38-year-old Whalley, whose eight-year marriage to Kilmer ended in 1996, has yet to find her soul mate - but she isn't searching either.

She says, "I don't believe in looking. If you meet someone, you meet someone."