British actress Joanne Froggatt is urging officials in her native U.K. to do more to help soldiers returning from the battlefield after learning many former military members end up homeless and living on the streets.

The Downton Abbey star plays the daughter of a Falklands War veteran who dies a lonely alcoholic in new movie Still Life, and she admits she was emotionally moved by the issues touched on in the film.

She became an ambassador for the charity Combat Stress, which works to help war vets who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and now she is calling on those in authority to join the fight.

Froggatt, who played a soldier returning from a tour of duty in Iraq in her debut movie In Our Name, tells British magazine Event, "I did quite a bit of research into the subject for my first film role and afterwards I began to notice how many homeless people used to be in the Forces. It's quite shocking.

"I think more should be done for veterans. Whether you agree with the politics of why they were there, they risked their lives for this country and we should support them when they come back."