Welsh actress Joanna Page has told of her terror after her actor husband jumped in a river to rescue their drowning dog, admitting she "thought he was going to die".
The Love Actually star and her partner James Thornton, who stars in British soap opera Emmerdale, were walking their pet pooch Daisy along the River Aire in Leeds last month (Nov11) when the Jack Russell suddenly plummeted into the water.
Thornton dived in to save the canine and was subsequently hospitalised after suffering severe mouth ulcers from swallowing dirty water.
He also scratched his eye on a tree branch, and Page admits she was frantic during the incident.
She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "I honestly thought he was going to die. It could have been an episode from Emmerdale. James ripped his trainers off and did a full-on dive into the water. Luckily he caught Daisy but couldn't swim against the current. They were both swept away.
"I was running along the top of the river, screaming. James scratched his cornea... it was all very dramatic. He is all right but his eye is still really bad and he had to take a few days off work."