Veteran Bond girl Joanna Lumley is desperate to get her hands on the coveted role of Miss Moneypenny in the next installment of the superspy series.

The blonde actress starred alongside GEORGE LAZENBY in 1969's ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, which she hoped would stand her in good stead for the role of 007's lovelorn secretary.

Lumley, 59, says, "I would love the part more than I could say.

"In the Lazenby film I played 'the English girl' - that's how I was billed - and afterwards there was some talk that I could play Miss Moneypenny. But the call never came."

She adds, "I'm still waiting for that call, my shorthand pencil sharpened at the ready."

Movie bosses are currently casting the next Bond film, Casino Royale. Director Martin Campbell yesterday (05OCT05) claimed star Pierce Brosnan will not be playing the spy in the forthcoming movie.