Joanna Lumley is to donate her organs after she dies.

The 71-year-old actress has pledged to give away her vital organs after she passes away to those in need of transplants - although Joanna joked that her champagne-soaked insides might not be of much use.

She shared: ''I've got one of those donor forms that says 'take anything you want' so I'm not sure what they do with you.

''I hope they bundle you out to feed you to the foxes - after they've plundered all the nice bits you've got left, if there are any nice bits after I've drained so much champagne!''

The 'Absolutely Fabulous' actress admitted to thinking about death ''every day'', which has led her to ensure she doesn't ''waste'' her life away.

Despite this, Joanna has been forced to overcome a series of challenges in her life, including establishing herself in a male-dominated industry.

The actress compared her task to being a female Prime Minister in the UK, like former leader Margaret Thatcher.

She told the new issue of Radio Times magazine: ''When we had Mrs. Thatcher, everyone gasped and said, 'Oh my goodness, a woman! A woman can't do things!' And all of us women just sat there and said, 'Yes!' ''

One of Joanna's most iconic on-screen roles was as the larger-than-life Patsy Stone in the hit sitcom 'Absolutely Fabulous', which also spawned a movie last year.

Joanna starred in the show alongside her close friend Jennifer Saunders and she looks back on those times with fondness, admitting she relished playing the party-loving character.

She explained: ''We used to cry with laughter and it was just paradise. I absolutely adored playing Patsy. It was like being given a glass of champagne quite out of the blue and you go, 'Oh, my heavens!' ''