Joanna Lumley is convinced she was bottom of Martin Scorsese's list when he was casting her character in The Wolf Of Wall Street after Dame Julie Andrews passed on the part.

The Absolutely Fabulous actress appeared alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the Oscar-nominated movie as Aunt Emma, but she was not the first choice for the job.

The role was first offered to Andrews, but she had to turn it down because she was still recovering from ankle surgery, and Lumley has now revealed it was also offered to fellow British actress Dame Eileen Atkins before she was eventually considered.

She tells Britain's The Times Magazine, "My take on the story is that Julie Andrews couldn't do it and Eileen Atkins was asked but couldn't do it, and then, maybe after 20 people, it came to me. But I don't care. Never mind when someone drops out or someone doesn't want to do it, just get the part. Yeah, lovely."