British actress Joanna Lumley has given up eating full meals and instead opts for occasional snacks throughout the day.

The veteran star has admitted she keeps slim by by eating small savoury snacks instead of breakfast, lunch or dinner, and she never cooks.

Lumley tells British newspaper The Mail on Sunday, "I don't eat any meals. I eat a bit throughout the day if I'm hungry, but not a big meal. I'll have some nuts or maybe some crisps and that's enough... I don't go to gyms, but I do rush about. I do stuff with vigour, such as housework, gardening and going up the stairs two at a time. I'm full of energy and never ill, and I haven't eaten meat for 40 years. It's no coincidence.

"I have no idea how to cook because I don't eat. I hate cake. I don't remember the last time I ate a cake. I don't like desserts and I don't like anything sweet."