Hindu scholars are urging Nepal's leaders to honour actress Joanna Lumley for tirelessly working for Gurkhas in Britain.
The Absolutely Fabulous star recently helped secure residency rights for the Nepalese Hindus living in the U.K. thanks to a major campaign, which she led.
And now religious leaders are calling for the actress, who was born in India, to be given Nepal's top accolade.
U.S. statesman Rajan Zed insists the actress should be given a Padma Award for her efforts.
He says, "It was remarkable how she handled U.K. Immigration Minister Phil Woolas during the Gurkha campaign. He acknowledged that the actress had given a focus to the campaign.
"Besides Gurkhas, Lumley has also taken up various other causes like exiled Tibetan people, animal welfare and literacy. This ruling makes around 84,000 Gurkha veterans, their wives and children eligible to settle in UK.
"We Hindus are very proud of Joanna Lumley - she was born in Kashmir in 1946 and her father was an officer with the 6th Gurkha Rifles. She should be celebrated. India should be proud of her."