Controversial comedienne Joan Rivers has blasted model/actress Brooke Shields, accusing the beauty of exploiting Michael Jackson's death to boost her career.
Shields was one of the many celebrities to pay tribute to the King of Pop at his Los Angeles memorial in July (09).
The former Lipstick Jungle star fought back tears as she honoured her "little prince", recalling how much fun the pair had as teenage pals.
But her touching tribute has been savaged by Rivers, who claims Shields used Jackson's tragic death to her own advantage.
She tells, "I'd love to roast (mock) Brooke Shields. Michael's dearest friend. She hasn't seen him since 1993."
Shields - who has confessed she last saw Jackson in 1991 - landed her first major movie role in 10 years shortly after her appearance at Jackson's memorial, scoring a part in upcoming comedy Furry Vengeance.