American comedienne Joan Rivers has slammed Dances With Wolves actor KEVIN COSTNER and other "middle-ranking" celebrities for being "insecure".

The 71-year-old, famous as the most straight-talking woman in show business, regularly teams up with daughter MELISSA to conduct red-carpet interviews during which they cast a critical eye over the wardrobes of the rich and famous.

But not all the stars welcome Rivers' often offensive remarks.

She says, "Usually the bigger they are the more they can relax and laugh about it. Remember we're only talking fashion, let's calm down here.

"But there are the middle-ranking ones who are very insecure about themselves and who take it seriously.

"Kevin Costner got furious because when he brought his fiancee over, I said, 'Lets have a look at the ring.' I mean you couldn't find it.

"It made all the papers the next day. He was furious. I mean, come on, the man makes millions. He should just laugh it off and buy the girl a bigger ring."

11/10/2004 02:56