Joan Rivers has slammed officials in her native America for taking so many years to find Osama Bin Laden, while their British counterparts have been able to nab terrorists within days.

Bin Laden has been the target of US forces since the 11 September (01) terrorist attacks left people dead in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.

And while his whereabouts remain unknown to US officials, Rivers was impressed with the speed UK authorities captured suspects following London's 7 July (05) train bombings.

She says, "I was there during the blowing up of the subway. I love our country, but (the British) find the guys, they get the guys, the guys are in jail.

"It's four years, may they all rest in peace, and we're still looking. We know who did it - Bin Laden - and we can't find the guy. He's 6 feet 4 inches in a sheet. How hard is that? Go to Bloomingdale's, wait for a linen sale. It's not hard."