LATEST: Comedienne Joan Rivers has revoked her apology for swearing on live British television on Tuesday (17Jun08).
The outspoken star sparked outrage in the U.K. after she called actor Russell Crowe a "f**king s**t" while speaking to co-hosts of daytime talk show Loose Women.
The flustered presenters immediately apologised for Rivers' foul language while giggling about the slip-up, but show bosses weren't quite so light on their guest - they asked Rivers to leave the set during the commercial break.
Rivers issued an apology for her expletives - but has since revoked it, insisting the British public have overreacted.
She says, "Lemme get this straight. Bin Laden's top man has been released. The price of petrol is through the roof. There's inflation, depression. And people are hysterical because I said f**k?
"I was having a great time and everybody was laughing. Then these people - these idiots - came running onto the set and ripped me off my seat and dragged me off.
"They were saying 'Let's go, let's go, let's go'. I thought I was being arrested."