Sassy comedienne Joan Rivers has fiercely denied she has hindered the feminist movement by commenting that women should marry for money.

Since her stage debut in the late 1950s, 71-year-old Rivers has also regularly espoused the importance of a woman looking her best to please her husband.

But, recently Rivers has been accused of setting feminism back "at least 50 years".

She says, "That's nonsense, I've worked harder for women's rights than most. I've broken every barrier there is to break.

"I once had a big fight with (the writer and activist) Gloria Steinem who sat and told me how wrong I was.

"I said to her, 'You're sitting here, you've just come from a waxing, you're hair is bleached, you look beautiful. You've probably had a nose job. And what's so terrible about that?'"

11/10/2004 09:40