Comedienne Joan Rivers refuses to cut jokes about her late husband ED ROSENBURG's suicide out of her stand-up act, because it helps her deal with the tragedy.

The sharp-tongued funnywoman - who was famously undergoing liposuction on the night Rosenburg took his own life 18 years ago (1987) - never regrets telling audiences her husband committed suicide after she underwent plastic surgery, and removed the bag covering her head.

Rivers insists making light of her past struggles is the best way to overcome them - and she's always working on new material poking fun at her loss.

She says, "I do a totally new thing. I say suicide's no longer chic, that everyone's doing it now, that it's so eighties. When my husband committed suicide, it really meant something.

"There's a tremendous resurgence of suicide, so I put it back in the act because if you talk about it, you can deal with it."

26/04/2005 13:59