Sassy comedienne Joan Rivers horrified her New York fans last Wednesday (04AUG04) when she joked about the recent terrorism alert.

The funnywoman took the opportunity to mock reports the CITIGROUP building in Manhattan was a terrorist target at her weekly August gigs at trendy nightspot FEZ.

Rivers said, "I hope it goes down. It's so ugly. I'm helping them load them (bombs) in."

After ignoring gasps and groans from the shocked audience, Rivers continued, "Jewish women will never be terrorists. 'Does the bomb make me look fat?' A Jewish woman will never put a bomb in a Gucci bag, after all the men she f**ked to get it."

After her gig, Rivers defended her jokes to American gossip site PAGESIX.COM, saying, "We live in horrible reality. How else can you get through it, if not with jokes? You have to laugh about it."

10/08/2004 09:16