Funnywoman Joan Rivers remains so distraught by her spell of bankruptcy, she is frugal to the point of sweeping hotel rooms for soap bars before she leaves.

The comedienne stunned a recently stunned a journalist with her careful behaviour in a hotel, but Rivers insists her actions are normal for someone who was once $37 million (GBP20 million) in debt.

While the 72 year-old superstar is currently riding a crest of success she refuses to rule out another financial setback.

She says, "We're paying for it we might as well have it - that comes from my seven years of being very poor.

"Don't leave anything you've paid for. Every time I see soap in a bathroom, I grab it.

"You never shake off hard times - especially in my business. Because I've had hard times and comeback twice in my career and there could be a third time.

"You don't know."