Comedienne Joan Rivers has launched a scathing attack on actress ANNETTE BENING - by accusing her of always looking like "an idiot" at awards ceremonies.

Sharp-tongued Rivers, who on Sunday (27FEB05) will be continuing her longrunning tradition of critiquing the red carpet fashion at the ACADEMY AWARDS, believes the actress will almost certainly be a style failure at the star-studded ceremony.

Rivers says, "The same ones are gonna look great (at the Oscars). JULIA ROBERTS is gonna look great, Nicole Kidman's gonna look great. Annette Bening's gonna look like an idiot, 'cause she always (does).

"It's not her fault. She's a wonderful actress but she wears earrings still on the cardboard! One year she was in this beautiful VALENTINO dress and she's wearing soap-on-a-rope for jewellery... She needs help!"

Rivers has no concerns about upsetting Bening, as she's already fallen foul of celebrities with her harsh words.

She adds, "Kathy Bates got upset 'cause I said if she hadn't been on the TITANIC it wouldn't have sunk... The woman is fat! Instead of a nipple ring she wears a doughnut!"

24/02/2005 04:07