Comedienne Joan Rivers has stolen some of Pink's song lyrics and used them to slate Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson.

In words of appeal for donations to her old sorority Joan pleaded for the support of smarter women, and branded the blonde celebrities as examples of 'Stupid Girls'.

"We must support women who have a sense of confidence and self-worth," she told Barnard alumni.

"Where have all the smart girls gone? That is a hard question to answer in an age where Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton pass as intellectuals."

Not satisfied with insulting only Paris, a hotel empire heiress and Jessica, who has a successful music career, Joan continued her plea by insulting the very people she was asking for money.

"Go through your husband's wallet and give everything in it," she wrote to the women  insinuating that they wouldn't have any of their own money to give.

21/12/2006 07:38:14