Comedienne Joan Rivers is so eager to get an offer to pose nude in porn favourite Playboy magazine - she'd do it for free.

The surgically-altered fashion critic admits that when her daughter MELISSA turned down an offer from the publication to grace its pages, she was far from thrilled.

She says, "What do you when your daughter comes to you and says, 'Mom, $400,000 (GBP260,000) to pose in Playboy.' I was ripping her blouse off. I'm still paying for her wedding and she's been divorced two years. I was saying, 'Get the damn money - are you crazy?' But you've gotta go, 'Whatever you want dear.'"

And Rivers would be ecstatic if the opportunity ever came her way.

She admits, "I'd do it in a hot second. I'm waiting for the 'Women of Oestrogen' issue. I would do it for free, but I'd just want $100,000 (GBP66,000) for the pain and suffering for the plucking. And the waxing!"

04/06/2003 01:56