Joan Rivers has branded Miley Cyrus ''disgusting.''

The 'Fashion Police' star has been less than impressed with the 'Wrecking Ball' singer's recent antics, including her 'twerking' at this year's 'MTV Video Music Awards', because she thinks they are inappropriate for her fanbase.

When asked about Miley, the 80-year-old comedienne - who has 45-year-old daughter Melissa from her marriage to Edgar Rosenberg - said: ''Enough! That girl is disgusting. She should know her audience, and her audience is 17-year-old girls!

''I would never have let Melissa go to a concert like that at 17 years of age.''

However, one star who earned the praise of Joan and Melissa was Britney Spears, who infamously suffered a public meltdown in 2008.

Melissa said: ''I think everyone wanted her to survive. I mean, she went so dark and so low, and it's nice to see someone pull out of it and become much smarter about the way she's living her life. She's being really smart now.''

Joan said pop stars need to surround themselves with the right people.

She added to Britain's OK! Magazine: ''There has got to be authority figures and people who have checks and balances on these young kids, especially since things have become so out of control with the internet.''