Joan Rivers thinks Victoria Beckham has the best British style.

The comedienne - who is also a co-host on 'Fashion Police' - praises the singer-turned-designer for making the right fashion choices for her age, but also marks out The Duchess of Cambridge for her choices.

She said: ''Who has the best British style? Probably Victoria Beckham. She dresses perfectly for her body and her age and where she is going. Catherine Middleton looks great, she has perfect style. She has the body and the youth. I love the fact she wears the right clothes for a girl her age.''

When it comes to stars from her native US, Joan, 79, praises Angelina Jolie, but isn't so sure about Sharon Stone's recent looks.

She added to Hello! magazine: ''I adore Angelina Jolie. She dresses and acts like a star. When Sharon Stone hits a great outfit, she looks amazing, but she can get it wrong.

''She would come down the red carpet wearing one outfit, then halfway through she would take something off and another would be underneath. It was so smart, it was like 'Here I am!' but now it's hit or miss.''