Joan Rivers, the American comedienne, television personality, and actress, is set to star in her all new reality show 'Joan Knows Best?', which premieres tonight (25th January 2011) on the We TV network. The show follows the comedienne as she moves from her hometown of New York to Los Angeles in order to be closer to her daughter Melissa Rivers and grandson Cooper, reports the New York Daily News.
In tonight's episode, Rivers arrives on the West Coast and immediately begins arguing with her daughter about apartments, decorators and plastic surgeons. Melissa recently spoke about her mother's decision to make the move across the country, saying, "Cooper's now 10 and like my mom said, she didn't want to see the picture. She wanted to be in the picture. So she's like, okay, let's try this". However, despite being closer to her family, Joan seems less than impressed by life in Los Angeles, she said, "I hate it. I'm a New Yorker. I walk everywhere. I just love theatre. I'm in the theatre every single night in New York. I don't like that out here you do one interview a day, one appointment a day and you're exhausted".
'Joan Knows Best?' premieres at 8pm on We TV tonight and will air an initial eight episodes in the first series.