Joan Rivers' loves to look "over-the-top" by adding more pieces to an outfit.

The outspoken funnywoman - who believes more is more - says she likes to add accessories to make her look stand out and asks her stylist to customise key pieces.

She said: "My personal style, I think, is over-the-top dowager. Because I do love the feathers this year, I love the lace, I love all that stuff. The old days they said get dressed and take one thing off, I say get dressed and put one thing on."

"I've taken a lot of jackets and added things. I work with my stylist on it. Before you cut into a vintage YVES SAINT LAURENT, you better f***ing know what you're doing."

Joan also revealed she isn't impressed with younger stars who seem to copy one another and said Katy Perry shouldn't hide her good looks by adding her trademark fashion quirks.

She told New York Magazine: "What they're starting to do now, which worries me, is they're all trying to copy Lady GaGa. You want to say to Katy Perry, "You're beautiful! You've got the body, wear a pretty dress. You don't have to strap electrical stuff on your dress."

"In LA, they're very beautiful and they all look exactly alike, which is good because if we go to war they're all in uniform. They've got the same bag, the same jeans, they're exactly alike."