Veteran actress Joan Collins has slammed the British government for failing to deal with the recent riots in the country.
Cities in the U.K. were blighted by days of unrest last month (Aug11), with youths looting shops and arsonists torching buildings, but Collins was "disappointed" with how British Prime Minister David Cameron dealt with the trouble.
She tells Britain's Daily Express, "He didn't handle it... I mean, we have riots in Los Angeles that are handled by a very efficient police force and I think our (British) police force is a little bit strangled."
And the Dynasty legend has also taken aim at government officials for sending so much money to the European Union, adding, "Our elderly do not have a proper lifestyle after a certain age; they cannot live on their pension. We need more schools, we need more prisons and we send to the European Union billions and billions of pounds every year.
"I think we are being strangled by the petty bureaucracy of the European Union."