Joan Collins claims jeans are "terribly boring".

The 76-year-old actress admits she does occasionally wear denim, but is surprised at the number of people who put on jeans daily.

She said: "I haven't liked jeans for years - probably because their ubiquity has become terribly boring. Do people really want to conform to looking just like everyone else?

"Yes, I know denim is hard-wearing and practical, but do the ladies who lunch really want to wear long-lasting utilitarian gear, teamed with chic Chanel or luxury leather on top, while showing off at the Ritz or smart restaurants such as San Lorenzo and the Wolseley?

"A pencil skirt and opaque tights or simple dark trousers would look infinitely more elegant."

Despite launching her own brand of jeans with Topshop boss Sir Philip Green in the late 70s, Joan admits she is shocked at the cost of denim these days.

Writing for the Daily Mail newspaper, Joan said: "It astounds me to hear some of my friends talking about their designer jeans that cost upwards of £500 - what a waste of money!

"I see little difference between these and the knock-off styles abounding in the high street shops."