Dame Joan Collins leaves the room when she has a row with her husband.

The 85-year-old actress has been happily married to Percy Gibson since 2002 and though they occasionally argue, they never stay mad at one another for long.

Speaking to the latest issue of HELLO! magazine, she explained: ''I go to another room [if we fight].

''We bicker like any couple.

''Sometimes I think he's so irritating and I'm sure he thinks the same about me.

''But it doesn't last very long and if I just go into another room, when I come out it's all over and done with. We are quick to say sorry.''

Joan divorced her fourth husband, Peter Holm, in 1987 and vowed never to tie the knot again until she met Percy, and she hopes she and the 53-year-old theatre manager will be together forever.

She said: ''I remember saying, 'I'll never get married again.' I was very wary.

''I had my children, friends, boyfriends and walkers.

''I had total independence and worked when I wanted to and had my lovely house in the South of France.

''I never really thought about marriage.

''Then I met Percy.

''We decided to get married after the tragic events of 9/11.

''We became very aware of how short life is and decided that we wanted to be together forever.

''I hope we always will be.''

Though there wasn't an ''instant'' connection between Joan and Percy, she thinks that's what has made their relationship so solid.

She explained: ''We first met 19 years ago when we were touring in a stage show with George Hamilton.

''I didn't think there was something instantly between us but I knew I really liked Percy and, when you're on tour, you get very close and become friends.

''A relationship is greater if you are friends first and the rest comes later.

''I wasn't expecting to meet someone but our feelings grew over time until it suddenly happened and I knew he was The One.''