The former Dynasty star shares her name with an Irish politician, who hit headlines when she was detained by police during a protest over water meters in Dublin this week (beg20Apr15).

The actress later took to to clear up suggestions she had a brush with the law, writing, "No I am not the Joan Collins who was a rested (sic) yesterday at a Dublin protest meeting!!! The very idea!!"

Politician Joan Collins, who was later released from custody, also used the micro-blogging site to tell followers her Hollywood namesake was not the one who was detained, and she also took a swipe at the star's Damehood, which she received from British monarch Queen Elizabeth II last month (Mar15).

She writes, "For the record I'm not @JoanCollinsOBE as I'd never take an honour from a monarch nor did I wear shoulder pads in the 80s. The very idea!... Ok maybe I wore shoulder pads, there was very little choice in the 80s, but I'd never take an honour from a monarch."