Hollywood actress Joan Collins is so terrified of falling ill she refused to shake rock legend Ozzy Osbourne's hand in case she picked up a bug.
The former Black Sabbath frontman recently spotted the Dynasty star in an elevator at his apartment building in Los Angeles but when he offered his hand as a friendly gesture, Collins declined to touch him.
And Osbourne is adamant he understands why the actress snubbed him - because picking up germs can be damaging for a celebrity's career.
In his health column for The Sunday Times Magazine, Osbourne writes, "The other day... Joan Collins (was) in the lift of my apartment building in L.A. I went to shake her hand and she said: 'Oh no, Ozzy, I can't get sick.' Mind you, I can understand the worry as long as people don't take it too far and go around blaming each other for their sniffles.
"I'm a singer, so if I get a cold on the road, shows can get cancelled and livelihoods are at stake."