Joan Collins has agreed to take part in a planned DYNASTY reunion after producers of the TV show assured her that her soap husband wouldn't be taking part. MICHAEL NADER, who played DEX DEXTER on the 1980s supersoap, has been uninvited from a cast get-together portion of the tribute show, which will be filmed next month (APR06) - after Collins insisted she'd refuse to take part if he was in the room. Collins is reportedly still upset by comments Nader made in a 1989 interview, in which he suggested she was a preening diva who sipped champagne and ate caviar in her trailer, while the show's actors learned their lines. Nader has since insisted the comment was a joke he thought Collins would brush off. But MICHAEL LEVITT, the producer of the upcoming reunion show, insists Collins is still angry with her one-time TV husband. He says, "Because Ms Collins is such an important part of Dynasty's success and we value her participation, we chose not to include Mr Nader in the group portion of the reunion to insure the most comfortable atmosphere on set."