Former DYNASTY star Joan Collins is furious to see the way the UK is spiralling into chaos, claiming the nation is filled with drunken youths terrorising the streets.

The glamorous 72-year-old's strong political views have impressed members of parliament to the extent they are keen to enlist her into the Conservative Party, as she is unafraid to speak plainly about the plight of the nation.

She fumes, "Recently, I have concluded that London is no longer the 'seat of civilised society'.

"Why do young people consider it cool to be arrogant, swaggering and rude?

"Why do so many people in England seem so cynical and self-centred?

"I've witnessed young, drunken yobs roaming the streets, kicking cars, screaming insults, pushing people and even pushchairs out of their way, attacking each other and then turning on the police when they tried to maintain order."

04/08/2005 14:12