British actress Joan Collins is anxious for this year's (25DEC04) Christmas Day meal to be a success - after the turkey disaster she experienced last year (03).

The former DYNASTY star, 71, and fifth husband PERCY GIBSON were unprepared for the length of time needed to prepare the lavish meal and were forced to delay her guests to request they arrive at a later time.

Collins says, "Last year, we ordered a 12 pound turkey, which is fine for our needs, but when we unwrapped it on Christmas morning to prepare it for the oven, we found it weighed twice as much and needed a lot more time to cook.

"I spent the rest of the morning frantically telephoning everyone to tell them not to come to lunch at 3pm, but to expect to eat at 6pm.

"It turned into Christmas supper. So this year we will be careful."

16/12/2004 13:51