Joan Collins has urged parents to steer their daughters away from terrible role models like Britney Spears, and encourage them to follow Oscar nominees Emily Blunt and Ellen Page's examples.
The British diva admits she's shocked by the so-called icons available to young girls, but insists not all the young stars in Hollywood are "pop tarts".
Collins names Blunt, Page and Anne Hathaway as her own personal favourites.
She says, "The icons are younger now but there are plenty of them who are not pop tarts - Anne Hathaway, for one... Emily Blunt, Ellen Page in Juno. And there are dozens more.
"It's just that the tabloids go after those girls who exhibit more outrageous behaviour. And believe me, those girls love it. They call in items themselves... I can't think of anything more horrible than that. Publicity can be a drug."
And the 75-year-old style queen admits she's horrified every time she sees photographs of a star, like Spears and Paris Hilton, without her underwear.
She adds, "No normal girl goes out and lets photographers shoot at that angle (crotch shot). It's bizarre.
"We have these girls in England, glamour models, and they will flash their breasts in a desperate attempt to get their photos in the paper."