Folk icon Joan Baez has put her activism on hold so she can spend more quality time with her family.
The singer, who was among the highlights of the Woodstock festival 40 years ago this past weekend (15-16Aug09), has dedicated much of her life to charities and causes, but now she feels it's time to devote herself to her loved ones.
She tells WENN, "I didn’t do much of that in the 70s and 80s. My mother is 96 years old and I want to learn from her how to age. I want to learn from her, hopefully, something about dying.
"I want to be with my son and my daughter-in-law, my grandchild, so that means I need a little bit of self-restraint into jumping in and out of causes."
But she's not scaling back on productivity and has recently recorded one of her most famous tracks, We Shall Overcome, in Farsi.
She explains, "I’m drawn to the things I’ve always been drawn to. I decided to sing We Shall Overcome in Farsi and get it into Iran. That took me 48 hours to decide on and do."