Joan As Police Woman To Release New Single Nervous

Joan As Police Woman To Release New Single Nervous

On April 11th Joan as Police Woman releases a new single from her rapturously received third album The Deep Field (Play It Again Sam).

New single, Nervous concerns what Joan calls "the freedom to admit you're vulnerable and anxious," in a new-found relationship, rather than just projecting bravado. Some artists play a part, act stuff out, and like to hide behind imagery. That's fine, but it's not for everyone. Some, like Joan, want to communicate direct, to tell the truth, and share the honesty. To honour themselves and their audience. It may be clich' to read about it but wonderful to experience.

Nervous begins with a taut drum intro, Moog bass, surging female back-ups and flaming guitar coda. Joan says she was smitten by Marvin Gaye, Sly and the Family Stone, Bowie, Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder too, influences all apparent on her new single.

The new JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN album, The Deep Field begins with the words "I want you to fall in love with me," and continues to unfurl an unashamed lust for life. It's unquestionably her best, most significant album yet - in Joan's own words, "my most open, joyous record." A rocking, soulful journey, The Deep Field is Joan's most personal, and her most universal album to date.

The Deep Field - the title refers to a tiny and far distant part of space - follows the critical and commercial success of her previous albums, Real Life and To Survive and it confirms, if confirmation were needed, that Joan Wasser is a truly original talent; utterly captivating both on record and on stage.