Rock wife Jo Wood insists on cooking organic food for everyone when she is on tour with THE Rolling Stones, as she is determined to keep the ageing rockers healthy. The 51-year-old wife of guitarist RONNIE WOOD switched to an organic lifestyle after being wrongly diagnosed with digestive disorder Crohn's disease. She found her health, as well as Ronnie's, improved dramatically by eating naturally, although trying to convert his bandmate Keith Richards hasn't been easy. She says, "I started eating organic food a couple of years later to combat the effects of the steroids I was taking. "Now on tour, I cook organic food for everyone, and Keith's always taking the mickey out of me. "Since CHARLIE's (WATTS) had his cancer scare, he's very organic. Keith's wife cooks organic food for him but he couldn't care less what he's eating. "That's Keith for you."