Jo Wood wouldn't have allowed her daughter to be a teenage model.

The 63-year-old star - who has children Leah, 39, and Tyrone, 34, with ex-husband Ronnie Wood - began her own career when she was just 14 and though she thinks it was a ''brave'' move on her part, it's not something she'd have encouraged in her own offspring.

She told You magazine: ''I started young.

''I began going into London aged 14 to do a modelling course. Looking back, it was quite brave.

''I wouldn't have let my daughter do it but my mum had three younger children to look after, so she couldn't take me.''

The blonde beauty got her big break when she won a newspaper competition in 1972 and she recalled her subsequent first TV appearance, admitting she didn't really know what she was talking about.

She said: ''It was a big deal and I went on TV. I remember being asked what was on trend and saying, 'The natural look.' Whatever that means!

''I was over the moon to wear a Biba dress. I still collect Biba from vintage shops.''

Despite being so young when she began her career, Jo was never ''overwhelmed'' by the attention it brought.

She said: ''I wasn't shy. I began modelling in the summer after leaving school and was voted the Face of 1972 just before Christmas.

''I never felt overwhelmed by the attention. I jumped at the chance to wear bikinis and a fur coat without a bra.''

And Jo admitted her dad wasn't very impressed when she first revealed her modelling ambitions.

She said: ''When I told my dad I wanted to be a model, he said, 'Model is another word for prostitute!' But when I became one he was proud of me.