Marvin Humes wants to have four children.

The JLS hunk - who is set to wed Saturdays beauty Rochelle Wiseman this summer - admits they would love to have a big family if they can but are spending time with Una Healy's daughter Aoife in the mean time.

He said: ''How many children would we like? As many as God will allow! I'm one of three, so maybe four.

''We both love kids and babysit my niece and nephew a lot. We've also been spending some time with baby Aoife, Una's daughter, and she's amazing.''

Marvin - who has experienced an on-off relationship with Rochelle - admits he has always known the 23-year-old beauty would make an amazing wife.

He told Now magazine: ''I always knew she was wife material - even before we were together. We have so much in Common and she's my best friend, which is what you look for in a partner. She was perfect from the start.''