You've gotta love those JLS lads, with their mischief and banter, who knows what they might get up to next. Well, with Marvin Humes stag party coming up we have a good idea of what might occur, and the lads have proved their class by promising to kick the do off in "style" - by handcuffing Humes to a dwarf. Japes!
The Press Association reports that the Jls man is set to tie the knot with The Saturdays singer Rochelle Wiseman later this year and in preparation for it, the rest of his band mates have whisked him off for a mad weekend in Sin City with a party tour of Las Vegas and Miami seeing off his bachelor days "in style." Said style appears to be tying Humes up to dwarves, as a video reportedly posted online shows Aston Merrygold and . err, all the other ones, laughing loudly as a dwarf wearing a white suit, sunglasses and heavy gold chains walks up and attaches himself to the hapless pop star, telling him "You do as I say!" Bants!
There's going to be plenty more to come too, with Merrygold Tweeting "You heard of the Hangover and Hangover 2? What we are planning will be Hangover 3." Oh my. Meanwhile, Rochelle is apparently at home cooking for the in-laws. "Cooking a meal for my Mum tonight and my in laws, a bit of pressure as Pappa Humes is a Chef! Will report back, wish me luck," she tweeted; the lads of course will be doing some cooking of their own - cooking up a storm that is! Poor Marv.