JLS want to make Peter Andre their fifth member.

The 'Beat Again' hitmakers - comprising Jonathan 'JB' Gill, Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes, and Oritse Williams - have struck up a close friendship with the Australian singer-and-presenter and are so grateful for his support, they want to offer him the chance to perform with them.

JB said: "He's so supportive of us. He's fantastic. Even when he was really busy at the BRIT Awards and was being dragged off elsewhere, he was like, 'Look, no, I just want to speak to the boys for a quick second.' "

Oritse added: "He could be our fifth member!"

In the meantime, the group are preparing to release their single 'Everybody In Love' in the US later this year and although they want the track to do well, the band are quick to reassure their fans they won't be abandoning the UK.

Aston said: "We would never leave the UK. More than anything, we wanna do all we can here. And emulate what Take That or Westlife have achieved."

Marvin added: "Obviously there's been a lot of talk and a lot of rumours. We will be releasing 'Everybody In Love' over there at some point in the year. It's gonna be amazing. As artists, you want to release material all over the world and we are so lucky to be able to do that in America."