JLS have bought J.B. Gill a sheep for Christmas.

His bandmates Marvin Humes, Oritse Williams and Aston Merrygold gave their friend the livestock as an early present and it will live on the farm J.B. bought in Kent, South East England, earlier this year.

The boys can be seen presenting the animal to 26-year-old J.B. on British TV show 'A Very JLS Christmas' - which will be broadcast on Sky1 this Saturday (22.12.12) - with Aston announcing: ''So, J.B. you bought a farm this year and we think you might need a few things for that farm.''

A sheep is then lead out wrapped in a bow, and J.B. is then presented with a tweed jacket, a flat cap and a pair of Wellington boots to look like a farmer.

J.B. purchased a tractor soon after getting the land and insisted he couldn't wait to get some animals to create a genuine countryside atmosphere.

He explained: ''I love the outdoors. It gets me away from the city and the mayhem that comes from being in a band.

''I've already got chickens. I want pigs, cows, sheep - the lot.''

Putting his farmyard duties aside, the singer is planning to throw an early New Year's party for the band at the farm and their friends before each of them head off for their own celebrations to mark the start of 2013.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Most of the gang are going away for breaks in the New Year and Marvin is off on his honeymoon [with Rochelle Humes] - finally.

''This is the last for opportunity the boys to get together for one last bash this year. Because of the size of J.B.'s farm, it's only right they do it there.''