'Pottermore', Jk Rowling's mysterious new website, is an elaborate adventure game which will involve fans searching for hidden wands in the US, UK and other countries, according to the Times newspaper. The hype surrounding Pottermore intensified on Tuesday (22nd June 2011) after details of the new project were leaked in a secret memo.
The document reportedly outlined Rowling's new project as an elaborate online game that contains clues to strategically hidden wands across the globe. The marketing behind 'Pottermore' has been fuelled by the excitement surrounding the final Potter movie, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2". Rowling is scheduled to make an announcement about the website at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London tomorrow morning (23rd June 2011). Further details are currently unavailable, but some commentators have suggested the media-savvy Rowling could have leaked the details intentionally. Kyle Good, who represents the novelist at Scholastic publishers, has declined to comment on the matter. The 'Pottermore' website launched on Thursday (16th June 2011), featuring a countdown to a 23rd June announcement. Rowling also launched a 'Pottermore' Twitter page, with a post reading, "Looks like the owls are getting ready to deliver some exciting news".
Some fans of the author had suggested 'Pottermore' could be the title for a new series of novels, but Rowling's representatives have since played down the speculation.