Multi-millionairess HARRY POTTER scribe Jk Rowling once wished she had never penned the magical franchise - because she felt so guilty about the enormous wealth the books brought her.

The acclaimed author - whose latest tome HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE Phoenix is out tomorrow (21JUN03) - told British journalist Jeremy Paxman in an exclusive TV interview that she's uncomfortable with the huge amount of money she earns.

She says, "Yes, I feel guilty about it. Definitely I feel guilty. When it first happened I didn't become immediately very rich. The biggest jump for me was the American advance which was enough for me to buy a house.

"And I didn't feel guilty, I felt scared at that point. I thought I mustn't blow this. I mustn't do anything stupid with it.

"And then, yeah, I felt guilty. Of course the rewards were disproportionate but I could see how I got there so it made it easier to rationalise."

20/06/2003 13:10