LATEST: British author Jk Rowling has lashed out claims she based HARRY POTTER's beastly teacher GILDEROY LOCKHART on her ex-husband JORGE ARANTES.

The blonde writer said she has based a few characters in her successful childrens books on real people and admitted one particular male had inspired Lockhart - who was played by Kenneth Branagh in HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS on the big screen.

Rowling had said of the mystery male, "It made up for having to endure him for two solid years."

The fact that Rowling was married to Portuguese journalist Arantes for two years before leaving him, has lead to speculation she based Lockhart on her former spouse.

Her spokesman says, "Rowling categorically said she did not base Gilderoy on her ex-husband.

"She said she did base him on a real person, but not her ex-husband. It's not a lover, just somebody she knew in her past."

23/08/2004 08:26